Pre-sale or Pre-purchase

Whether buying or selling it is important to know the price that the market determines is fair market value.
We can provide the information to suit your requirements with an independent assessment of the subject property so that you can make a confident decision.

Family Law Settlement

We have the expertise to act either as an independent party valuer or a single expert witness for both parties in accordance with Rule 15.07 of the Federal Court Rules 2001.


Capital Gains Tax is the most common for valuation requirements.
It may be retrospective to original date of purchase and/or current values.
It may involve your investment property or the sale of Rural property and the value of the 2 hectare curtilage which in many cases is Capital Gains Tax free and can diminish the assessable value thus saving a sizable proportion of tax payable.

We have the experience and the expertise to determine the values to your advantage.

Acquisitions and Resumptions

Whether it be in respect of the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991 or for some other purpose we have the knowledge and experience to assess fair compensation.


Whether it is a full block of Strata units, a single residential dwelling or a large industrial building we have access to current building costs and building industry information.


Estate property settlement is probably one of the most contentious areas and the cause of many a family dispute when beneficiaries cannot agree. It often involves lengthy delays and may involve retrospective values at date of death.

Stamp Duty

The Office of State Revenue requires a formal valuation for transfer of title of property where such transfer or sale is not ‘at arms length’ or is of a private nature.
A valuation report to satisfy the OSR is available at a minimal cost for this purpose.

Easements or Rights of Way

Easements for drainage or other purpose including Rights of way require specific information and expertise and can be conducted for either or both parties.

Rental Determinations

Initial lease or End of lease options can be determined in accordance with current market trends for lessor, lessee or both.

Bail Applications

Confirmation valuations can be conducted where the property is to be used as security for ‘release on bail ‘of an individual.

Any other reason

There are many reasons for the value of a property to be determined.
Whatever the reason, contact us, we are happy to discuss your individual requirements and produce a valuation report to suit your needs.

Rating or Valuer General Objections

If you are not satisfied with your land value determined by the Valuer General you have the opportunity to submit an objection.
In order to do so you will need to include reasons for your objection. A formal valuation with details of property values confirming you objection will assist in obtaining a reasonable outcome.

Development and Project Feasibility

The Principal, Tony Cole is experienced in development and can provide feasibility studies to suit your project.